Are Coaches Influenced by Loud Boisterous Parents?

An article I read on talked about a 2012 study about how much a parent's behavior affects a kid's sports experience. The findings were that kids are more likely to be interested in sports if their parents enjoy them. Why?  Because our kids model our behavior. If they see you yell at games or question the coach, your kids will be more likely to behave the same way. How do you want your kids to behave?

One young athlete, 13-year-old Lauren, is quoted as saying, “The major problem is my parents. Dad’s cheering embarrasses me. Just before I shoot in soccer, he yells, ‘Pull the trigger!’ It’s so awful.”

So my question back to you is this: What would your young athlete say about you?

Cheer for the entire team. Support the coaches. Don't challenge the refs.

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