The only thing stronger than a hockey player is his or her mom (and Dad)! We taxi our kids and their stinky gear, sit back and watch our kids get hit in games, treat their injuries, wipe their tears, and are their #1 fans.

We are busy and don't have time to go to a hundred different places to get the information we need. We share recipes at the rink and then forget where we wrote down the information. Traveling is expensive and doing research on money saving tips and tricks is exhausting. We have questions about the best gear and how to best support our young athletes through injuries. We need a place to balance it all and HockeyMom411 is here to help!


Recipe Box

As busy hockey moms one of the things we need more of is time. Whether it's rushing to the rink or trying to juggle work, home and hockey, there is not enough hours in the day. Our Recipe Box is filled with wholesome recipes that are sure to please everyone in your family!

Let's Get Cooking

Start Saving

There is no getting around it, hockey is expensive. Our Start Saving section has money saving tips and tricks for the hockey mom who wants to save a buck. Whether it is locating a restaurant close to the rink, signing up for hotel rewards, finding discounts on gear and training, or finding a place where kids can eat free, we can help.

Start Saving

Coach's Corner

Have a question for the coach? Coach's shares training tips, hockey drills and answers your questions you have about your favorite hockey player...your kid!

What's the Coach Saying

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